Publications to Date

The Bridge of Shadows, (Poetry collection, Surrealist Editions 2007.)

The House of Sleep, (Short story: Cinnabar’s Gnosis, Ex Occidente Press 2008).

Animals That I Have Scarcely Known, (Short story: Text’s Bones, Skrev Press, 2009).

The Satyr, (Novella, Ex Occidente Press 2010).

Foglass, (Short story: Supernatural Tales, issue 18, 2011).

The Bestiary of Communion (Collection of three novellas, E.O.P. 2011).

Salmacis, (Short story: Delicate Toxins, Side Real Press, 2011)

Behemoth’s Carnival, (Short story: The Master in Café Morphine, E.O.P. 2011).

The Vigil, (Short story: Supernatural Tales, issue 21, 2012).

The Great Ruins of Tomorrow, (Short story: This Hermetic Legislature, E.O.P. 2012).

In Delirium’s Circle, (Novel, Egaeus Press 2012).

The Satyr and Other Tales, (Omnibus of The Satyr & The Bestiary of Communion, Swan River Press 2015).

Lithe Tenant, (Novella: Soliloquy for Pan, Egaeus Press 2015).

Out of Bounds, (Novella: Murder Ballads, Egaeus Press 2017).

On the Edge of Utterance, (Short story: Nightscript 3, 2017).

The Figurehead of the Cailleach, (Novella: A Book of the Sea, Egaeus Press, 2018).

The Feathered Bough, (Novel: Zagava 2018).


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